Project In.Genius : First Singaporean In Space


It may the dream of one man, but a journey of many of Singaporeans. Arrowdynamic Laboratories had the honour to be part of this mind-blowing experience in developing and maintaining prototype systems for the 1st Singaporean in space mission 1S2S. This includes long-range communications and prototype life support systems.

In late May, by his own design, the 58-year-old Mr Marvyn Lim Seng attempted to send himself across the Armstrong line — 20km above sea level, the point at which saliva starts to boil if you’re not in a spacesuit — in Singapore’s first space capsule, by deploying the same high-altitude stratospheric balloon used by NASA and Russia for space missions.

ADLABS is proud to have supported the journey of In. Genius Pte Ltd and will continue to do so in the oncoming years. The next launch is expected to take place in MAY 2020.

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