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Is your child prepared for the rigors of computer controlled future? We do not want them to loose their childhood by pushing them to study harder day after day. With google, gone were the days where you are limited to your text books. The edge your child has beyond the books gives him a better standing in future to fulfill his dreams. Education is not about getting all the right answers- the best education equips your child with strong fundamental core skills to tackle every challenge the future presents. Computational thinking (CT) is a prerequisite for understanding the the technologies of the future and actively taking actions to be prepared for it. Teaching young students computational thinking strategies goes far beyond increasing their comfort level with computers. It’s much more complex. This is a cognitive strategy that is vital for the new generation. Lets see what are the four main strategies,

  • Decomposition– Learning how to solve bigger problems by breaking it into smaller parts.
  • Pattern Recognition – Recognizing shapes, sounds and images and numerical patterns.
  • Pattern generalization and abstraction – Reconstruct the pattern into simpler terms and can be used again when needed.
  • Algorithm Design – With patterns and decomposition you can use it to solve problems.
  • Evaluation

Here are 10 useful benefits not only for school, but also everyday life:

  1. Early exposure to future-proof your child
    2. Train logical and analytical thinking. It’s a valuable skill that helps in everyday life and any industry that deals with computers.
    3. Improve focus & attention
    4. Enhance problem solving skills
    5. Ignite creative thinking process and cultivate out-of-the-box thinking
    6. Build a useful hobby and highly sought after skill
    7. Enhance knowledge through hands-on experience in picking up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts.
    8. Apply what they learn into practical use. (e.g using math to code)
    9. Improve Fine Motor Skills with cutting-edge tools
    10. Develop teamwork and communication skills

When you enable the students to use what they have learnt effectively they tend to naturally seek more knowledge. They will understand the benefits of learning far better than those sent to school and told what to. Though computational thinking is commonly taught with computers and coding. We believe CT should be part of any class room catered under STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Math) program. Here at Arrowdynamic Laboratories, we offer programs to students and study the effectiveness of delivering Computational thinking.This involves programming, robotics etc. We have to ensure we can cater to the different learning speeds of students, reaching the end goal together as a team or class. As educators,creating the perfect curriculum to offer such abilities may be a daunting task. We understand this. This is why we have several workshops and training programs that help enhance the learning environment. We have been offering premium customised workshops for several years and counting.

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Arrowdynamic Laboratories Pte. Ltd. (ADLABS) was founded in 2008 anticipating imminent technological pervasion. ADLABS operates with two wings, Education and Engineering. Education involves the development of skills training programs and STEM-based enrichment programs for everyone. The engineering wing conducts research and development activities on new prototypes with potential to form into a new branch startup. Our engineering team also offers specialised services for startups, companies and institutions.

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